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Jacksonopolis | October 22, 2017

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American 1 Women's Expo

American 1 Women’s Expo

Jackson Women’s Expo

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Middle School at Parkside

There will be added booth space to our Jackson Women’s Expo in 2013! Added space will be located in the cafeteria as our “South Wing” to add another 37 booths. The most south parking lot at the school will have direct access to the South Wing from that lot, bringing guests to that area first. A Welcome table will be set up at both entrances to hand out bags and allow guests to enter the Gold Crown Jeweler’s main drawing, giving away three pieces of jewelry to three lucky guests.

Also moving will be the American 1 Concessions and the JPS Food Service booth to the corner between the North Wing (fieldhouse) and the South Wing (cafeteria) – the students and faculty call it “the corner of Hollywood and Vine” at the school – to bring guests along the path between the two areas.

Extended hours! We have added two more hours to the expo and will be open until 6pm for the first time!

Visit the American 1 Credit Unions website for more information.

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