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Jacksonopolis | December 11, 2018

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The Jacksonopolis moderation team looked carefully at issues that have come up and considered the following guildlines. We hope the guidelines will clarify these issues and others for readers, and we also recognize that this is a process of continuous improvement. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Here are our conversation guidelines: aims to provide a lively community forum where readers can talk to us and to each other about local issues in a civil, neighborly way. The best comments and posts are those that add more information to the story, express a different viewpoint or help create intelligent debate.

Please avoid:
– Off-topic comments
– Personal attacks against private individuals
– Insensitivity to victims of accidents or crimes
– Presuming guilt on the part of persons accused of crimes
– Using tragedies to make a political point
– Posting personal information about individuals
– Racist, sexist and offensive language, including abbreviated or masked swearing
– Posting in all capital letters, which is viewed as shouting
– Breaking local, state, or national laws
– Commercial postings and press releases.

If you have a question about any moderation decisions we have made going forward, you may leave a comment below. Comments on story threads that question moderation will be moved here. You may also email us at

Your profile
We encourage everyone who registers on our site to use their real name and connect thier Facebook (TM) login. Multiple accounts for the same person are prohibited. Avatars may not contain a photo of a living or not living person who is not the user.

Comment moderation process
Throughout the day, members of staff take turns moderating comments using the above guidelines.

Any time a comment violates our conversation guidelines, it is removed and a marker is placed in the conversation noting it. Occasionally, our moderators will also jump into the conversation to note more specifically why comments were removed. We might also email a commenter to let them know why their comment was removed.

There is a “report abuse” function for our readers to report comments that are inappropriate or otherwise abusive. It’s meant to help our commenting community police itself. When you click on the “report abuse” button on a comment, you’ll be able to choose from a predetermined list of reasons why you think that comment is inappropriate. You will also be able to send a private message to the moderator on duty with more details about why you object to the comment. We highly encourage our commenters to use the “report abuse” tool. When used properly, this tool will strengthen our commenting community.

Banned words
There is also a word filter. If you are attempting to use a word that is on our banned word list, the system will tell you which word you are attempting to use that is blocked and will encourage you to choose a new word. If you have a question about a blocked word that you think you should be able to use, e-mail us at

Shutting down comment threads
Occasionally we will shut down a comment thread. Each time this happened, it’s because the thread devolved very quickly and from the start was filled with comments that violated our guidelines.