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Jacksonopolis | December 11, 2018

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New + Real + Important

Jacksonopolis exists to highlight the best of our community through interactions with local businesses, entrepreneurs and artists. We utilize emerging digital tools and share high quality photos, videos and stories that feature Jackson’s best assets. The idea originated within a small group of creative professionals who desired to use their talents and interests to promote their community. This passion has ignited a grassroots movement of additional community members to contribute their own talents.

Jacksonopolis has become the community media source of the future. We strive for better quality and are continually evaluating the ways in which creativity can be shared and explored. Throughout the process, Jacksonopolis has encouraged, taught and re-ignited those passions in others.

Community Impact

Reached 438,000 visitors in the past year with 320,000 of those outside of Jackson County.

Entrepreneurial and Small Business Impact

In the past year, we helped grow 12 small businesses from our headquarters in downtown Jackson.

Showcased the beauty and diversity of Jackson with a team of over 60 freelance contributors.

Economic Impact

Featured over 50 businesses and local organizations through Jacksonopolis.

Helped over 25 businesses with advertising and creative services.

Who Are We?

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Jacksonopolis would not be anything with our great contributors! Make sure to visit their profiles to see who makes Jacksonopolis what it is.

What do we do?

Jacksonopolis is a Media Publishing company which has been in development since 2011. We offer community sourced media and advertising opportunities as well as a top notch team of marketing and creative talent.

The Industry of Media & Advertising:

Traditional news and media outlets are in serious trouble. They are incapable or unwilling to adapt to the rapidly changing media landscape. These abandoned communities will need a central location for news and media. Today, through the use of social networks and mobile phones, people are connected more than ever. We provide tools and training to empower forward thinking community leaders to build a trusted place online. Our service gives the community a central location to promote quality feature content along with the ability to aggregate, filter, and highlight the news that is already being created around them.